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My Take

I would like to share my experience on Sony WH-bla-bla-M3. The name is so confusing. It should have a nice name, like killer-X or something. Samsung’s products have wonderful series. S8 S9 S10 S10+ etc. Apple also have their line up. iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 etc.. Whay is 1000 so significant? If you have the answer, let me know by clicking this.

But, these headphones are sick, dude!. If someone is still interested in getting these headphones(if they are available at a cheaper rate right now), I would say go on. Worth the penny. I really love the noise cancellation feature and the various other modes present. It blows me away with the performance of producing the white noise. I also love the touch pad on the right side which is so amazing and has that additional style factor.


The Trick

Now, the feature of toggling the various modes of the headphones is very much limited to mobile connectivity and not computers(PC/Mac/Linux). You don’t have the software like the Headphones app that is required for you to toggle between the various sound modes in the headphones. But, I figured out a way to achieve this. You just miss upon the Google Assistant/Alexa integration which is quite okay for a deal like this. “Sony, do you hear a product feedback? #backlog #productfeedback”.

Anyway, for this, you need to have the headphones paired on with the “Headphones app”. Once in the app, go to System -> Change function of [NC/AMBIENT] button to Ambient Sound control. By default, it comes with Google Assistant trigger button. And Voila!

Try pressing the [NC/AMBIENT] button to toggle through all the modes and also when, you are connected to any bluetooth devices even computers(PC/Mac/Linux).